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Memórias da Minha Eterna Angola (Memories of My Eternal Angola), is a biographical book filled with thrilling stories from the author's life, stories of the Africa he knew and loved.


Available in Paperback and Kindle Editions

The mindfulness for kids book series are a comprehensive set of activity books aimed at helping children aged 6+ cultivate mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Through daily prompts, fun activities, and self-care practices like yoga and mindful breathing, it encourages kids to explore their emotions and manage stress. The book also includes creative exercises, DIY projects, puzzles, and recipes, making it an interactive tool for parents to support their children's emotional development and well-being.


A história de Laura, Diário de uma bipolar. (Portuguese Edition), the diary of a bipolar person, is the result of years of introspection, self-discovery, research, and venting. As Laura said, "Mental illness does not discriminate, but society often does, inadvertently, and that's why I think it's so important to have open discussions about mental health.

L. Rose reminds us that there’s life in social media writing an uplifting story about a simple girl whose life change over the course of one unforgettable day. Based on a Tik Tok Storyline between cosplayers from around the world.

Hervor is a 12-year-old girl growing up in a 7th century Saxon village. Her life changes when her village is attacked by barbarians and she loses her memory. What adventures awaits her?

About For Leigh
For Leigh is the first book in The tales of Freydis series, in which the historical world of Anglo-Saxon meets the mysterious world of myths and legends, of the gods and monsters our ancestors believed in.
This is the world as it might have been if those stories had been true.


Coming Soon


Shadows of Tomorrow

The Interwoven Chronicles

by JP Peartree

©Joao Paulo Rosa Pereira, 2024, 31370631195

Genre: Time-Travel Historical Sci-fi


by L Rose

Genre: Poetry

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